Solar Inspection

Solar Inspection

Solar Inspection Drone Service

At Drone Prox, our FAA-certified drone pilots specialize in construction progress monitoring. We create precise 3D models for energy estimation and site planning, reducing rooftop work time with accurate measurement reports. Our seamless API integration automates communication with design teams, ensuring your construction project stays on track with precision and efficiency.

Vision & Mission

Drone Service Beyond Your Imagination

By standardizing the deliverable for ground surveys or roof panel designs, utility and residential solar project site selection and planning can be completed more quickly. By expediting the site assessment procedure, renewable energy projects will yield higher returns.

Oversee subcontractor work with real-time drone data and improve transparency and collaboration with stakeholders using a variety of media types and reports. Decrease the number of platforms needed for project management, surveys, and documentation.

Reduce direct risk to workers conducting roof inspections or ground surveys while complying with stringent, changing government regulations. Detect damage and maintenance problems while maintaining photographic evidence for insurance claims.

Our Drones

We Use the Latest Drone Technology

Unleash the power of the latest drone technology for unmatched capabilities and groundbreaking solutions.

15 kilometers

Maximum fly range

55 Minutes

Maximum flight time

4K UHD Video

Latest IBIS tech

20 feet

Obstacles new sensor

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