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Real Estate photography

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Buyers can have a better sense of the property’s appearance, proportions, and surroundings by using aerial photographs. In this article, we go in-depth on real estate drone photography, covering its benefits, how to get started, best practices, and resources for furthering your knowledge.

Vision & Mission

Benefits Of Using Drones For Real Estate Photography

At the moment, real estate drone photography is still a novelty, which means that one benefit is to make your listings stand out.Using drone photography in real estate marketing has many other benefits that will outlast its place on the cutting edge, though.

Although they offer a unique point of view, handheld cameras sometimes struggle to accurately capture dimensions and spatial connections.

Before scheduling an in-person tour, prospective purchasers can use overhead drone stills as another source of information to better comprehend what they’re getting. How far away from the house is that boat dock? Exists a side yard here? How big is the patio compared to the yard’s grass? What connections are there between the garage, the yard(s), and the house?

Drone footage does a fantastic job of conveying a similar sense of space on an even grander scale for larger locations, like ranches.

Drone photography done right may present the surroundings of a property in a way that is both breathtaking and simple to understand.

A prospect can get the bare minimum of information from a map or a description of the distances to various services, but a drone photo (with a few helpful captions) can provide them much more.

For a greater feeling of walkability, people can, for instance, see the state of the neighboring buildings, roads, and sidewalks. They can tell right away how easily accessible the property is to key routes and how near the neighbors they will be. They can even check for nuisances or blights in the community.

Real estate brokers can use drone photography to highlight assets that are otherwise difficult to showcase.

You’ll be able to offer them a thorough inspection of these features (and their condition) without having to crawl around up there yourself, whether it’s a new roof or a solar-panel arrangement.

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